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collage poppy

*Poppies seem to have different meanings to different people. They are the symbol of sleep, peace and death.
*Red poppies have become a symbol of remembrance of soldiers who have died during wartime.


*The vivid color of poppy blooms, their tasty seeds, & their medicinal properties are just some of the reasons we love these flowers.
*The flower symbolism associated with poppies is beauty, magic, consolation, fertility and eternal life.

*The Egyptians included poppies at funerals and in burial tombs.
*The Greeks used poppies in the shrines of Demeter, goddess of fertility, and Diana, goddess of the hunt. Poppies denote sleep, rest and repose.
*Poppies come in many colors, but they’re typically dressed in red, the chakra color corresponding to the Muladhara.
*In Chinese symbolism  the poppy represents rest, beauty and success.

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