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collage lady bug

*The Lady bug is symbol of enlightenment, rebirth, trust and faith.

* Ladybug is the European equivalent of the Egyptian Scarab. The 7 spots symbolize the 7 in Sacred Geometry.
* Its appearance heralds fulfilled wishes, reduce of worry, and the expansion of happiness.

* The Lady bug symbolizes regeneration, new goals, and new achievements.

*The Legend of the Ladybug Ladybugs are a European symbol of good luck. They received their name centuries ago in Europe when farmers found aphids invading their grapevines. Prayers to the Virgin Mary for help were answered when thousands of the little red beetles appeared and ate the aphids. The farmers named the helpful beetles in honor of Mary, also known as ‘Our Lady’.

*The Lady bug is also used symbolize protection and friendship.

*They are symbols of protection because their signature red shells protect them from predators and shield their delicate wings from the elements.

*According to some legends, if a lady bug lands on you, it means that true love will find you and  the number of spots on the ladybug tells you how many months you will have to wait.


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