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collage lotus
* The lotus flower has a symbolic meaning which represents being pure in one’s spirits.
* The flower produces beautiful petal even if it grew in the dirtiest waters.
* The lotus flower symbolizes rising up out of badness and grief.
* If you try putting water on a petal of a lotus flower the water will not stick to it, but just simply roll off as a sign of freedom.
* The lotus flower represents spiritual awakening, divine beauty, purity of the body, mind and spirit.
* The lotus flower symbolizes struggle, overcoming difficulties, changes in life.
* The lotus flower represents one symbol of fortune in Buddhism.
* This symbol represents the journey out of darkness and into transformation.
* The lotus flower is also a sign of the importance of detachment like a water droplets .
* The blue Lotus flower has been steeped in symbolism since the time of the Egyptians, where it was used as a metaphor for re-birth and of the Sun.
* The blue Lotus flower also plays a key role in Buddhism where it’s color is thought to be associated with a victory of the spirit.
* Lotus flowers symbolize recovery from self harm and depression.

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