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collage dandelion
Inspired by Shakespeare´s quote : „We are such stuff as dreams are made on“

* Dandelions are symbolic of positivity, progress and survival.
* Dandelions are symbolic of growth, warmth, clarity, healing, radiance, illumination.
* Dandelion, i read somewhere that this flower symbolizes military children because once you blow them, they take root somewhere else and grow. Military kids are so resilient and strong.
* The dandelion flower is the ultimate emblem for persistence and a strong will. It is also thought to represent wishes coming true, cheerful love, and general happiness.
* Often while blowing a dandelion people make a wish, and on these accounts dandelions symbolize wishes that come true, and also freedom and soul.
* The dandelion is a logical symbol for this Roman sun god due to the plant’s solar connections.
* The dandelion has remarkable curative/healing properties – hence the connection with Apollo (also a god of medicine/healing).
* The dandelion is associated with the astrological sign of Leo, which is a fire sign.
* Dandelion correspond with divination, messages, welcoming.
* Place fresh flowers under your pillow or sew into a special dream pillow to enhance dream activity.
* Drink the dandelion tea (on a Full Moon) to increase psychic awareness & increase the ability to interpret dreams.
* Dandelion tea is also used in healing rituals. Add the fresh (bitter) flowers to salad greens to increase physical strength.

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